Monday, March 31, 2014

Just another fun week with Ældste Holbrook in Helsingør!

So it has been yet another week gone by and Ældste Holbrook is still having a BLAST in Helsingør! He is having fun and working hard together with Ældste Peterson. They are a great pair and are learning much from each other.

Sweden and Helsinborg in the background that is how close it is.

AWESOME pictures of Ældste Peterson and Ældste  Holbrook. Great servants of God.

Mommy bought a pretty good camera for Ældste Holbrook :o).

Another great picture and so cozy looking.

Lots of stuff going on out-there today. Great picture, very interesting!!

 The Helsingør District going to the Temple together. As always it was a very good time spiritual time shared with some great friends.

 Great food and a TON of it ;o) Ældste Holbrook will have to take Morfar here after the mission to eat :o)

Celebrating a good time after the temple missionary style. HUGE burger! Did Ældste Holbrook eat it all. I beat he did :o).

Ældste Peterson and haircut time. Great looking missionary and a wonderful companion to Ældste Holbrook.

Ældste Peterson and Ældste Holbrook after the haircuts and BOY... do they look HANDSOME!! LOVE the shorter hair on Ældste Holbrook. Great looking missionaries on their P-day!!

How we LOVE these young servants of the Lord. Hard working and willing to serve others. Thanks Son for being ours and for using two precious years in Denmark. We love you!!

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