Monday, December 29, 2014

SKYPE TIME, Christmas, Santa and lots of other fun!

So this was of course one of my favorite weeks of the year because we got to speak to Ældste Holbrook on Christmas. YES the BEST gift EVER :o)

One of the last advent gifts from Mormor. They sure look like they are have a BLAST together.

 It looks like it is so much fun being on a mission!

The district that Ældste Holbrook is in. Good looking missionaries!

 Ældste Hafen and Ældste Holbrook, they have share "homes" twice on the but never been companions but they sure have a good time together.

Ældste Holbrook's "harvest" for Christmas not too bad at all and next year he will be home :o)

Skyping with my FAVORITE missionary!

And here are our BEST three TREASURES in the world. We are so grateful to be their parents ;o)

 On the way to celebrate Christmas with a sweet family.

Ældste Carroll as Santa. He did an awesome job ;o)

 REAL Christmas dinner for these sweet missionaries and they loved it!

Ældste Carroll and Ældste Holbrook. They had a great companionship and learned a lot from each-other!

This was for sure a WONDERFUL week for me. I got to see Ældste Holbrook's face and to have a one on one talk with him for a few minutes too. Oh.... how blessed we are and before we know it he will be home with us again!!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Being spoiled by Mormor and Morfar as always :o)

This week was another great week for Ældste Holbrook in the Ballerup area. He had some great appointments and good time with the other missionaries. Of course he and the other Elders were spoiled by Mormor and Morfar this week too. It is great to have grandparents that live close by in your mission ;o)

 This is a SNAP-CHAT that Mormor send to Mika. Ældste Holbrook is such a Sweetheart!! 

 Eating with Mormor and Morfar ALWAYS so good ;o)

 Ældste Holbrook and Ældste Carroll looking to see what they would like to eat!!

I think Ældste Holbrook made a good choice of food!!

 Goofy Ældste Holbrook, he is the BEST!!

They bike a lot in Ballerup just like he did in Randers and that is what keeps them so fit ;o)

We love this missionary. He is a treasure and a joy to have in our little family!! What a blessing it has been to see him from afar turn into a wonderful servant of God.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Private tour of Frederiksberg Castle and much more.

It is Christmas time in Denmark and that is always a great time to be there. Ældste Holbrook has had another good week in Ballerup and he has seen so pretty amazing things. For once he had a chance to have a private tour of the Frederiksberg Castle not many people can say that got that!!

Very interesting castle build a lot difference than many of the other ones in Denmark.

 Interesting way of taking the picture.

6 good and strong missionaries look good in this picture.

 Does Ældste Holbrook wish that he had stuck a little longer with the piano lessons do you think?

Beautiful church just amazing.
Ældste Holbrook preaching the gospel ?? ;o)
 Another interesting picture.

 I wonder what this "grave" was used for in the olden days ?

 Ældste Holbrook outside by the Danish flag.

 Look at this, it is pretty unique and interesting. 
 Mormor dropping of goodies off for the 4 sweet missionaries.

Morfar came too. They will get the spoil when they go come home!!

Ældste Holbrook's desk even though he is not in the picture it is still a little bit of home and him.

 Not sure what they are doing here but it is the Advent Calendar that are giving these great pictures ;o)

 Graffiti is pretty "normal" in Denmark and it looks like Ældste Holbrook is picking the US flag. I would have stood by that too!!

Ældste Hafen with yet another mouse. They are catching  a few!!!

Another awesome week for Ældste Holbrook in Ballerup. I am so glad that he has a change to learn and grow on the mission and that it is in Denmark is even better!! So happy for him and all that is going on in his life right now!!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Fireside, Pre-Christmas dinner, Ward Christmas party, Zone Conference and much more!

Ældste Holbrook has had yet another busy week in Ballerup. it just seems like he is out there running faster and faster every week which is great because that means that he is working hard for the Lord.

 These four young men er sharing the house where Ældste Holbrook is living right now. Do you think they are having a good time together ? ;o)

Another day of Advent calendar. They are for sure having fun together.

 These great young men sang together and took a fun picture too ;o)

 Ældste Holbrook and Ældste Peterson. Still the BEST of friends.

 Ældste Holbrook and Ældste Howland buddies and they are still on the same side of Denmark.

Sjælland's zones together. A lot of good looking missionaries.

Advent fun again ;o)

 A sweet family in the ward had all the missionaries over for a Pre-Christmas dinner and I have been told by Ældste Holbrook that the food was AWESOME ;o)
Look how pretty Ældste Hafen look with a bow in his hair!!

 Outside the temple. It is looking so pretty this time of year!! AND Ældste Holbrook is kind of handsome too ;o).

 Ward Christmas party fun.

It is a tradition in Denmark to "dance" around the Christmas tree. The kids love it and it brings a special spirit to the party.

Another wonderful week for Ældste Holbrook in little Denmark. He is enjoying the people and the holidays. What a treat it is for him to be serving over there and to meet so many awesome people. I am grateful for all that he is learning and becoming.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving, visiting with "old" friends and Christmas tree.

It is the second week for Ældste Holbrook in Ballerup and he is already loving the area and the people there. He has been a lot of knocking on door and tracking on the trains, buses and streets. They are having a lot of new people to talk to and it looks like it might be a busy Holiday season for these elders.

Ældste Holbrook and Ældste Carroll met these sweet young ladies by the train station. They had a good visit about the church.

 Thanksgiving dinner at some awesome Dane's home. What a treat!

Another visit with these girls. They are exchange students in Denmark but I soon going back to the US.

Ældste Holbrook meeting with "old" friends. What a great time to just visit and enjoy a good time together!

 Ældste Carroll and Ældste Holbrook.

 Ældste Hafen with the mouse they caught, NASTY ;o)

Four great missionaries first day of the Advent Calendar treats, 23 more days to go.

 The famous Christmas Tree, very nice looking and some great missionaries too.

And they did not have a Christmas tree "foot" so they were very creative.

It has been another great week for Ældste Holbrook in Ballerup. This will be his second and last Christmas season in Denmark as a missionary. Looking back time really does fly ;o). We still miss Ældste Holbrook every day but before we know it he will be home and going to school at the U of U !!