Monday, March 17, 2014

Sightseeing again in Copenhagen and meeting Ældste Wrible before he left for home.

So Ældste Holbrook was once again sightseeing in Copenhagen and he has lots of fun once again. He also had the chance to meet up with Ældste Wrible before he left for the States. A great week and and lots of great pictures too.

 This is the outside of "Our Lady's" Church in Copenhagen. This is where the "Kristus" Stands with His 12 Apostles.It is even beautiful on the outside.

 This is part of the inside. Very beautiful and majestic. 

Ældste Perterson and Ældste Holbrook with the "Kristus" in the background. What a great look pair of missionaries. 

 Then Ældste Holbrook went on something called a "Kanal rundfart". It is where you go on a little flat boat and see Copenhagen from the channels of water that surrounds and go through the city.

Look at that beautiful ship. Great picture.

 Ældste Peterson on the way to the top of the church to look out over the city ;o)

 Ældste Holbrook is is sick from being so FAR up in the air, or is he joking ? I think he is messing with us :o)

Beautiful Picture of the house tops over Copenhagen.

Windmills that is so Danish, they LOVE alternative energy :)

 Ældste Wrible and Ældste Holbrook once again together for a good visit.

Four Elders, four great servants of the Lord. 

Great week for Ældste Holbrook. He enjoy his mission so much and we are so grateful for his example to our little family!!

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