Monday, April 7, 2014

Zone Conference, Mormor & Morfar, LOTS of service and learning how to paint ;o)

Ældste Holbrook is learning so many fun and awesome things every week in Denmark and this week was no different. He went to a sweet older couples home to learn to cook yet another wonderful Danish dish and he also learned how to paint this week. AND he of course did a TON of service this week too.

Learning a lot of great things at Zone Conference. Ældste Holbrook always tells us how many great things he learns at these meetings. It is always wonderful to be spiritually feed.

Ældste Holbrook painted this. It is hard for me to believe since it is his first try and it is pretty awesome. Nice job Buddy very impressed ;o)

 Ældste Holbrook, Fie and Ældste Peterson on Morfar's patio enjoying the sun. 

 Ældste Holbrook is always a winner in my eyes :o)

 Taking a break in the shade in Morfar's yard. It looks so MUCH like HOME ;o)

 That green sofa was found by Ældste Holbrook and Ældste Peterson on the street. It was going to the dump but they "saved" it and carried it home to their place ;o).

Three great Elders learning how to cook. They were taught yet another GREAT Danish dish and we are looking forward to taste all these dinners when Ældste Holbrook comes home :o)

 Ældste Peterson cut his nose when they were out doing service at a members home. They were tearing down a shed and he got a little too excited!!

 Ældste Holbrook is thinking what in the world are you talking about Ældste Peterson.

They are really having a WONDERFUL time together and it is sad that it probably will end soon. But Ældste Peterson has been in the area for almost 6 months and that is a LONG time for one place. But they have had an awesome time together and that is what really matters.

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