Monday, March 24, 2014

Visiting Mormor and Mofar and other friends!

Ældste Holbrook has had another great week in Helsingør. He is enjoying it so much and is loving being with Ældste Peterson. They are both learning and growing and becoming more like our Savior.

This is the view from a housetop and what you see is Sweden. Look at that really cool boat too. Fun and pretty interesting!!

Look at these fun houses. Ældste Holbrook stood on top of one of them and they saw some really neat things from up there.

 Ældste Holbrook is a good looking missionary and a true servant of the Lord!!

Ældste Peterson, Ældste Holbrook and Morfar have a little visit. It is so good to see Ældste Holbrook in their home!!

Fun and great picture of Ældste Holbrook and Ældste Peterson!!!

Ældste Holbrook is having so much fun. He is playing sports every Saturday morning and loving the Helsingør area. I am so glad that he is serving there and enjoying it so much!! 

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