Monday, July 20, 2015

Another day in the Dansih mission with Ældste Holbrook.

It is coming close to an end for Ældste Holbrook and the mission in Denmark. He only has a few weeks left and then he is home with us again ;o). He still would love to stay and serve the Lord but we are getting so ready to have him home.

 This is so beautiful and it makes me want to go back and visit!

Danish Humor pretty funny :o)

 Great looking group of people!

 This is just like home. So peaceful and very pretty!

 Three GREAT missionaries!

 Nice looking dinner I wonder if Ældste Holbrook cooked it ;o)

Ældste Holbrook and a great friend. He has gotten to know so many wonderful people.

Like I said a few more posts and Ældste Holbrook will be home in Utah again. What a GREAT adventure it has been for him to serve the Lord and to do it in Denmark has been a HUGE blessing. So grateful for all he has learned and for all he has become!! For the people that has met and for what they have taught him. But we are counting the days till he will be home!! EIGHT more days :o)

Monday, July 13, 2015

Visits from Loved ones what a great week in Silkeborg for Ældste Holbrook.

Yes it is true Ældste Holbrook had some great visitors this week and what a week it was. Hed had Mormor and Morfar come all the way to Silkeborg to see him what a treat that was.

 Look at Mother duck.... she is so cute!

 This is what she is laying on ;o)

  Ældste Holbrook got really close but not too close to see her ;o)

And of course Ældste Holbrook had to show Morfar the Mother duck too since hMorfar loves nature so much too.

  Ældste Holbrook and Mormor.... We LOVE you both so MUCH!!

 Three good-looking gentlemen ;o)
 Maybe Morfar needs one size bigger in that jacket ;o)

 Great picture .. Love it!

 How we love these great people. AWESOME pictures and thanks for sharing!

Ældste Holbrook and Morfar.

Ældste Holbrook... he is so handsome!
 I got this "snap-chat" from Mormor of Ældste Holbrook and I just needed that Mommy kiss that morning. So looking forward to seeing this handsome face in a few weeks ;o).
 Not too bad a place to live ... looking great and Ældste Holbrook is having a blast living there!

Ældste Holbrook's missionary bike is gone. It has fought a good fight and has lasted for the two years. Many great and hard times has been driven on it :o).

 Companionship ties... LIKE it !!!

 Eilif came and saw Ældste Holbrook one more time. He is a wonderful friend :o)

 One word BEAUTIFUL !!

And another awesome picture! Denmark has so many great places to see.

What a great week for Ældste Holbrook. He had Mormor and Morfar come and spoil him and take home some of the things he can not fit in his suitcases in a few weeks. He also had Eilif come for a short visit what an awesome friend he is. SO glad that he could serve in Denmark among such great people.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Just another day on the mission for Ældste Holbrook ;o)

This was another week on the mission and now Ældste Holbrook has a new Mission President. President Sederholm has been released and President O'Bryan is now the man in charge.

 P-day fun trying on new clothes. Boy... He is looking handsome ;o)

Ældste Holbrook with a sign that in Danish says this: "My Dad is the coolest in the world". I will have to agree with that!!

 I told you Silkeborg is so BEAUTIFUL and of course it helps that Ældste Holbrook is in the picture too ;o)

 AND this is a Danish Forrest. Pretty amazing right!!

What a great picture of a great companion.

 Ældste Holbrook is here with some great friends. He has really been spoiled in all the area's he have been in. He has served among great people!

Ældste Gudnason with a pretty cute ad. He is a great guy and a good friend of Ældste Holbrook.

All in all another week under the belt for Ældste Holbrook! He is working hard and loving the people in the Silkeborg area. It is wonderful that you can be anywhere in the world and there are still great people all over in the church such a huge blessing.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Mid-Summer and just a good time in Silkeborg!

So it is that time of year where you in Denamrk celebrate mid-summer. We make a huge fire and have a fake witch on a broom on it. It is just a Danish thing :o). Ældste Holbrook has seen it once before on the mission and many times before as we have been in Denmark but it is always fun to see it again and sing the Danish folk songs.

 Waiting for the fire to get going!

Here it is smokey and all ;o)

 I love LOVE this young man. He is amazing!

Look at this nature picture. You just gotta love it!

 Ældste Holbrook knocking on doors once again a hobby of his ;o)

 Four missionaries ready to send a little message up towards Heaven.

Look at those cute noses. They are just silly and fun!!

Ældste Holbrook had another great week. he got to spend time with awesome people and has been blesses in so many ways.

Monday, June 22, 2015

First week in Silkeborg branch and HAPPY 20th birthday :o)

So it has been transfers again and Ældste Holbrook have been moved one last time on the mission. He has been moved the the small but sweet branch in Silkeborg. Silkeborg is a very BEAUTIFUL part of Denmark with it's many lakes. I am excited for him to see yet another part of Denmark.

 Ældste Holbrook with his new companion Ældste Gudnason.

 Ældste Holbrook is sitting in a quiet spot and thinking about life ;o)

One of the sweet member ladies in the Branch is letting Ældste Holbrook use this bike because his is just worn out. What a nice bike and sweet thing to do.

Ældste Holbrook had a chance to go see "Himmelbjerget" The Heaven Mountain. It is the tallest part of Denmark but after Utah thinking it is just a little hill but beautiful none the less!

 This is just AWESOME!! I was there once as an 8 year old child and it is just beautiful!

 Ældste Holbrook and technology, here is helping this sweet member lady ;o)

Awesome picture so fun!

 American friends giving Danish ice-cream to 2 sweet missionaries!!

 Look at this spread. WOW...... what a tender thing to do to a new missionary in their branch. That just warms a Mother's heart!

HAPPY 20th Birthday Ældste Holbrook. We love and miss you so much.

A great first week for Ældste Holbrook in Silkeborg. He was spoiled on his birthday and he is already love the area and the people!! I am so grateful that he will have a chance to serve here for a few weeks before returning home to us in Utah.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Last week in Odense and 3 wonderful monts are gone!!

Ældste Holbrook is getting transferred this week and he will be spending his last 6 weeks on the mission in the Silkeborg Branch. He did not anticipate that we would get transferred because he only has so few weeks left and he had only been in Odense for 3 months bu the Lord has a way of giving you just what you need ;o)

 The Odense Distric bike "gang" ;o)

 Old missionary returned to visit Denmark!!

 Some great looking missionaries!

 Four COOL guys!

 Ældste Holbrook with a very dear friend of mine. He was one of the first members that I met and he was like a Grandpa for me in my first home ward!

 Having fun in the backyard with good friends!

Ældste Holbrook just love this young man :o)

 The Jensen Family is one that will always be close to Ældste Holbrook's heart. They have spend many great times together!

This is a street sign and I guess the missionaries all sign it. Clever idea and awesome quote Ældste Holbrook ;o).

 Saying "goodbye" is never fun as you can see in this picture!

 Ældste Holbrook and 3 AWESOME friends! 

Odense was a wonderful place for Ældste Holbrook. He really enjoyed serving there and would have liked to stay till the end of the mission there. But like he told me. " I will go where you want me to go dear Lord", so he will be serving in Silkeborg for the remaining part of the mission! Go and work hard. Make new friends and KNOW you are LOVED and missed!!