Thursday, August 29, 2013

This video hit a little hard but it is BEAUTIFUL !!!

This video is AWEOME. I shed a few tears watching it and it was still a little raw for both Lincoln and I. Four Weeks is not long enough since our SWEET boy left to serve our Lord.

ENJOY it :o).

Monday, August 26, 2013

A few more pictures from his first P-Day in Denmark came today :o)

Here are a few more pictures from LAST week's P-day. I hope you enjoy them :o)

This looks like a baptism font from the Lutheran church. Pretty neat.

 I am not sure who is strongest!! Maybe it is even :o) Fun to have this in the middle of the woods!

Not sure about this one but he is for sure looking great!!!

Monday, August 19, 2013

First p-day in Sønderborg

Ældste Holbrook has had his first P-day in Sønderborg. It has been a LONG first week for him. So MANY changes and only 18 years old and away from home. But he is hanging in there and will do it in the strength of the Lord and a little help from family and friends :o)

 One BIG ocean and one handsome son :o)

 Look at this FUN tree. It looks like a ladder build onto the tree.

 Under this tree H. C. Andersen sat and rested ;o)

 Here it tells you that he was there.

 Look at this beautiful home. So very PRETTY!!

Ældste Holbrook with a TINY little frog. It is like the ones the 3 kid used to catch in Morfar's backyard. What a fun memory!

The first week is almost over and he is still standing. He will go out there and do the BEST he can to make the next 2 years some of the best of his life :o)

Friday, August 16, 2013

And Ældste Holbrook first area in Denmark is Sønderborg by the border to Germany!

Okay Ældste Holbrook is finally in his first area in Denmark and it is Sønderborg by the border to Germany. It is a very small branch with only 40-45 people attending church. Very different from our home ward of 450 people or so :o)

 This is where they study the scriptures together.

 The bedroom. It is Ældste Holbrook's bed with the black sheets :o)

 Bathroom and laundry room all in one but atleast the do not have to go to the laundry mat :o)

A frame with pictures of Him and Millika! A gift from a fun day together!

Soaked to the bones. Can you see all the water on the road behind him. And his white shirt is drenched. Happy rain in Denmark! 

Yes this is a car but I am thinking only for one person. LOOK Ældste Holbrook is taller than it :o)

This is the first few days in his first area. He has been a little homesick for us/his family and his friends so an email or a letter would be awesome.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

First day in Denmark visiting with the Mission President!

Ældste Holbrook and the other missionaries flew into Copenhagen and was met by the Mission President, the AP's and a few other people. They then had a change to go see a few things among other the REAL Kristus Statue in Vor Frue Kirke.

 This is in one of the MANY airports on the way to Denmark. They had to change planes 3 times ont he way over. Ældste Holbrook is standing by Ældste Madsen a friend from our home Stake here in Utah. 

 The "REAL" Kristus Statue in Copenhagen. SO beautiful and there were also statues of ALL the 12 Apostles.

These are the missionaries that came with Ældste Holbrook to Denmark. What a great looking group. I think 8 more were suppose to come with them but they had not gotten their visas so they are still in the US.

The first day is over and now on to the real work :o)

And Ældste Holbrook is now officially in the Denmark Copenhagen Mission.

My parents had a chance to meet Ældste Holbrook in the airport this morning when he arrived in Denmark. We had asked at the mission office if they could bring him a few things and the Mission President had said okay. So my parents had a great visit with the Mission President while waiting for the 8 missionaries to get their bags.

 Ældste Holbrook says HALLO to Morfar. So good to see them together :o)

 He is looking pretty happy even after almost 24 hours of travel!!

Mormor, Ældste Holbrook and Morfar.  3 WONDERFUL people in our world :o)

We are THANKING our Father in Heaven that He sent Ældste Holbrook to Denmark. We feel so blessed!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

More fun from the MTC

Tomorrow Ældste Holbrook will be leaving the MTC. He has LOVED it there and learned so MANY things about himself and others. He wish he could have spend some more time with the great people there but he will be on to Denmark tomorrow.

 Some of the great people he met at the MTC.

 The Provo Temple and more friends.

 Having fun taking pictures together!

All over the world the Lord sends missionaries. Some close to home and so very far away! But they are all called by Him to bring the greatest gift to His children.

Friday, August 9, 2013

The MTC is a great place to be.

The first and almost only week at the MTC is done and Ældste Holbrook has had a blast there! He has learned a LOT of great things and is so ready to go and serve in Denmark.

 Room at the MTC, sharing 4 to a room. It is a little tight!

Here are his goodies from home, there are still a lot left so the food must be okay at the MTC!

Elder Stulen (From Sweden) and Ældste Holbrook. They look great together.

Ældste Holbrook pointing to Denmark so small in a VERY BIG world. 

Ældste Holbrook, Elder Stulen and a FEW Sisters. Mika said he looks like a missionary :o)

 Ældste Holbrook and some great friends :o)


Ældste Holbrook and a new friend :o)

The temple is always the BEST place to be!!

Ældste Holbrook sent a LOT of pictures home but not a lot of words about them so I have had to guess :o) ENJOY them!!!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Ældste L. McKay Holbrook meets Mom's "old" friend Scott Jacobs

The world is SO SMALL. Today I got an email from an "old" friend, Scott Jacobs. He met Ældste Holbrook down there at the MTC.

I know Scott from Denmark. We became friends when he came home of his mission from Scotland while his parents were mission presidents in Denmark. Scott and I had many fun times together with other friends over there and now today he MADE my day by sending me this great photo :o) He said many kind things about our sweet son and that warms a mothers heart! Wonderful day indeed :o)

Ældste Holbrook and Scott Jacobs.