Monday, February 24, 2014

Another fun week in Helsingør with Ældste Holbrook

Ældste Holbrook is so enjoying Helsingør, the ward and the people there. He is getting a lot of information on us, his parents from when we were so YOUNG and beautiful, ha-ha!!! :o) He is loving to learn more about us and how we met and the people we became friends with.

Ældste Holbrook adn Ældste Peterson with some good friends.

 Three servants of the Lord. 

Oh... how I remember this place. I sat there so many times and listened to MANY great talks. I am so looking forward to go back in a few short months.

 Ældste Holbrook and Ældste Peterson at the Coppa family home.

Cristina Coppa and Ældste Holbrook. She is such a DEAR friend from my youth. So grateful Ældste Holbrook has a chance to get to know her and her family!

 Thoughtful and so HANDSOME!!

 Ældste Peterson and Morfar looking at pictures!

 Look at how cute he is...... I just love him so much he is the best!!

 Taking a little NAP or is he faking it :o)

The six Elders from Allerød Ward. What a good looking bunch of young men.

 Playground by Mormor and Morfars house!!

AND he is hanging in there! Back at his old stomping ground where he played as a kid.

How fun it is for Ældste Holbrook to be back in a place that he spend so many times as a kid. He is having a BLAST and enjoy it so much.

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