Monday, February 3, 2014

LAST week in Sønderborg and Ældste Holbrook is going to Helsingør :o)

So if finally happened Ældste Holbrook is getting transferred away from Sønderborg the ONLY place he has so far known in Denmark on his mission. This was his last week there and today he will be going to a totally different part of Denmark in the FAR north of Sjælland about 30 minutes north of Copenhagen. This is going to be hard for him and yet it is going to be good.

He is going to the Ward were I was Baptized and converted 25 years ago what a treat and blessing that can be. Of course it is really what you put into it like with every thing in life ;o)

 A box of Sunshine I sent to Ældste Holbrook because it gets REALLY dark over there in the winter months. I filled it with all YELLOW treats and yellow paper and it did look like a little something to brighten his day!!

 Ældste Hafen, Ældste Enniss, Tom and Ældste Wrible. Ældste Holbrook is going to miss these people that is for sure!!

 Last missionary get together at Tom's. He has always been there for Ældste Holbrook and I am grateful for that!!

 The GANG playing ping pong together. They had so MANY great times together these four missionaries.

 Ældste Holbrook, Dorthe and Yaseen. Ældste Holbrook will miss these 2 also. So many great people in the Sønderborg area. 

 We sent this to Ældste Holbrook in January just to let him know how MUCH we love him. We can not give him a GROUP HUG but we could for sure send one!!!

This has been a great week for Ældste Holbrook but also a HARD one. He will miss so MANY people in Sønderborg and they will always had a HUGE and SPECIAL part of his hear. THANKS to ALL that loved and cared for him while he was there that warms a Mother's heart. 

AND he is off to Helsingør and NEW and different adventures will happen here! We LOVE YOU Ældste Holbrook! You are one of the BEST!!!

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