Monday, February 17, 2014

New Ward and New friends!!

So Ældste Holbrook is as told before in Helsingør and he is LOVING it. He has a great time his new companion Ældste Peterson and he is really liking the people in Allerød Ward. He get to see his Mormor and Morfar a lot more and they are of course spoiling him with great dinners too :o)

 Ældste Holbrook at a dinner appointment at the Rosenkilde's home. It is my very dearest friend Helle's Family and I am so grateful that our son gets to serve in their ward :o)

 What a great looking group of people. So MANY that have a VERY special place in our hearts.

 Fun and Games at the Rosenkilde's home. Oh... How I would have LOVED to be there!

Morfar's mail box. It brings back so many great memories and longing to be there again.

Ældste Peterson having fun on the bus. What a sweet guy.

I am so grateful that our son in serving in Denmark. He is growing and learning so MANY great things over there. He has a chance to live in the country were I was born what a joy that is. So Ældste Holbrook KEEP up the great work and know that we are in your corner!

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