Friday, August 9, 2013

The MTC is a great place to be.

The first and almost only week at the MTC is done and Ældste Holbrook has had a blast there! He has learned a LOT of great things and is so ready to go and serve in Denmark.

 Room at the MTC, sharing 4 to a room. It is a little tight!

Here are his goodies from home, there are still a lot left so the food must be okay at the MTC!

Elder Stulen (From Sweden) and Ældste Holbrook. They look great together.

Ældste Holbrook pointing to Denmark so small in a VERY BIG world. 

Ældste Holbrook, Elder Stulen and a FEW Sisters. Mika said he looks like a missionary :o)

 Ældste Holbrook and some great friends :o)


Ældste Holbrook and a new friend :o)

The temple is always the BEST place to be!!

Ældste Holbrook sent a LOT of pictures home but not a lot of words about them so I have had to guess :o) ENJOY them!!!

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