Tuesday, August 13, 2013

First day in Denmark visiting with the Mission President!

Ældste Holbrook and the other missionaries flew into Copenhagen and was met by the Mission President, the AP's and a few other people. They then had a change to go see a few things among other the REAL Kristus Statue in Vor Frue Kirke.

 This is in one of the MANY airports on the way to Denmark. They had to change planes 3 times ont he way over. Ældste Holbrook is standing by Ældste Madsen a friend from our home Stake here in Utah. 

 The "REAL" Kristus Statue in Copenhagen. SO beautiful and there were also statues of ALL the 12 Apostles.

These are the missionaries that came with Ældste Holbrook to Denmark. What a great looking group. I think 8 more were suppose to come with them but they had not gotten their visas so they are still in the US.

The first day is over and now on to the real work :o)

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