Friday, August 16, 2013

And Ældste Holbrook first area in Denmark is Sønderborg by the border to Germany!

Okay Ældste Holbrook is finally in his first area in Denmark and it is Sønderborg by the border to Germany. It is a very small branch with only 40-45 people attending church. Very different from our home ward of 450 people or so :o)

 This is where they study the scriptures together.

 The bedroom. It is Ældste Holbrook's bed with the black sheets :o)

 Bathroom and laundry room all in one but atleast the do not have to go to the laundry mat :o)

A frame with pictures of Him and Millika! A gift from a fun day together!

Soaked to the bones. Can you see all the water on the road behind him. And his white shirt is drenched. Happy rain in Denmark! 

Yes this is a car but I am thinking only for one person. LOOK Ældste Holbrook is taller than it :o)

This is the first few days in his first area. He has been a little homesick for us/his family and his friends so an email or a letter would be awesome.

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