Monday, August 19, 2013

First p-day in Sønderborg

Ældste Holbrook has had his first P-day in Sønderborg. It has been a LONG first week for him. So MANY changes and only 18 years old and away from home. But he is hanging in there and will do it in the strength of the Lord and a little help from family and friends :o)

 One BIG ocean and one handsome son :o)

 Look at this FUN tree. It looks like a ladder build onto the tree.

 Under this tree H. C. Andersen sat and rested ;o)

 Here it tells you that he was there.

 Look at this beautiful home. So very PRETTY!!

Ældste Holbrook with a TINY little frog. It is like the ones the 3 kid used to catch in Morfar's backyard. What a fun memory!

The first week is almost over and he is still standing. He will go out there and do the BEST he can to make the next 2 years some of the best of his life :o)

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