Monday, January 5, 2015

Another great week in Ballerup for Ældste Holbrook!

We are now in the NEW year and THIS is the year that Ældste Holbrook will be returning home to us in Utah. Looking at it now it seems like it has gone by pretty fast but when you are in it it goes really slow. But I am so grateful that he has served the Lord and especially that he is in Denmark

 Mormor and Ældste Holbrook, GREAT picture!!

 Ældste Meacham (Ældste Holbrook's new companion) and Morfar!! Awesome picture too!

Ældste Holbrook... what in the world happened to that car!! I am just glad he was NOT driving it!!

We are so "proud" of "our" missionary and what he is learning!! He is just AMAZING!! KEEP up the GREAT work, give your heart to it and stay close to the Lord.


  1. This is Elder Meacham's dad and on occasion I look through various Denmark missionary blogs and to my joyful surprise I see a picture of my son with Elder Holbrook's grandfather. Thank you for sharing and thank you for raising an amazing son. Elder Meacham speaks very highly of Elder Holbrook.

    1. Cazdyn, if you want more pictures I just need an email address and I will send them or friend me on Facebook if you use that. I am Ann Svensson Holbrook on it and you will see a Picture of our 3 kids :o). Elder Holbrook also speak very highly of your son and are enjoying their time together!!

    2. My apologies for being a little misleading. Cazdyn is Elder Meacham's first name my name is Rody. I was logged in to Google under Elder Meacham's account because I was looking at the pictures that he posted there. Thank you for your kindness and willing to share. I will send a friend request on Facebook.