Monday, December 29, 2014

SKYPE TIME, Christmas, Santa and lots of other fun!

So this was of course one of my favorite weeks of the year because we got to speak to Ældste Holbrook on Christmas. YES the BEST gift EVER :o)

One of the last advent gifts from Mormor. They sure look like they are have a BLAST together.

 It looks like it is so much fun being on a mission!

The district that Ældste Holbrook is in. Good looking missionaries!

 Ældste Hafen and Ældste Holbrook, they have share "homes" twice on the but never been companions but they sure have a good time together.

Ældste Holbrook's "harvest" for Christmas not too bad at all and next year he will be home :o)

Skyping with my FAVORITE missionary!

And here are our BEST three TREASURES in the world. We are so grateful to be their parents ;o)

 On the way to celebrate Christmas with a sweet family.

Ældste Carroll as Santa. He did an awesome job ;o)

 REAL Christmas dinner for these sweet missionaries and they loved it!

Ældste Carroll and Ældste Holbrook. They had a great companionship and learned a lot from each-other!

This was for sure a WONDERFUL week for me. I got to see Ældste Holbrook's face and to have a one on one talk with him for a few minutes too. Oh.... how blessed we are and before we know it he will be home with us again!!

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