Monday, July 7, 2014

Family, Great Friends and serving the Lord.

Ældste Holbrook's time in the Helsingør area is lacking towards the end, I think.  He has been there for 4 transfers and almost 6 months and what a great blessing it has been. He has gotten to know MANY great people and spend so many, many visits with Mormor and Morfar, just AWESOME.

This week was no different and he enjoyed every minute of it. Here are a few pictures from the great times this week.

 When Ældste Holbrook was a young boy, he and the girls would find these kind on tiny frogs all over Morfar's yard. Here he was lucky to find just one and it is tiny ;o)

 Fie and Ældste Holbrook having fun.

Ældste Holbrook, Morfar and Ældste Sullivan having fun watching video clips together from Ældste Holbrook's other areas.

 District meeting fun!!! A wonderful group of missionaries. 

 Ældste Sullivan with a HUGE Danish Ice-cream. What a treat!

Ældste Holbrook and a great family. They have really done so much for him and I am grateful for that! Sweet Picture!

Brother Jens Andersen and Ældste Holbrook. Jens was my mission leader when I joined the church and my Bishop with I married Lincoln. He is a great example and I am grateful that Ældste Holbrook got a chance to get to know him.

 A wonderful group of missionaries in Allerød Ward.

Ældste Holbrook and some awesome young people!!

Another great week for Ældste Holbrook. He is doing well and is loving serving in Denmark.

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