Monday, June 30, 2014

Noah's Arc, more birthday celebrations and lots of fun with great friends.

So this week Ældste Holbrook was busy as always and I am amazed at how much he gets to see and do in one week. He uploaded a LOT of pictures so I hope you enjoy them, as always I do enjoy them :o)

First thing he did this week was go and see a replica of Noah's Arc. Some sweet friends gave him and Ældste Sullivan the ticket's and they went and saw it together. What a sweet and great treat.

 BEAUTIFUL Picture!!

 Ældste Holbrook and a great friend!!

 Pretty neat right?

 A monkey swinging in the tree?

 King of the "Jungle" and we LOVE you too Ældste Holbrook!!!

 The tree of Life. Awesome!!!

Ældste Sullivan, what a great companion he has been for Ældste Holbrook!

Then it was Sankt Hans Aften. Midsummer night in American and Ældste Holbrook got to go and see that at the Rosenkilde's home.

 Burning the Witch on the Stake. In the middle ages they burned real people but now of course it is just a doll.

 Here is real thing on the lake. So very Danish!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY again Ældste Holbrook.
 Birthday cake for Ældste Holbrook, an American Flag!!

 Having fun Ældste Holbrook :o)

 STRONG Ældste Holbrook :o)

 Two great missionaries working together.

 OKAY Ældste Holbrook really is STRONG !!

 Mormor and Morfar. WE LOVE YOU!!

 Ældste Sullivan painting the top of the chimney!

 Looking great.

What a BEAUTIFUL garden!! I miss Denmark for that reason and MY family of course :)

Another great cooking lesson for Ældste Holbrook. He has learned so much for these two WONDERFUL people.

 Ældste Holbrook having fun with the other missionaries and a sweet girl ;o)
 Starwars here we come!!

 Looking tough or at least trying to look it :o)

Ældste Call and Ældste Holbrook having fun. Such a great group of missionaries.

Another successful week for Ældste Holbrook in Helsingør. We are thinking not many more weeks and he will transfer to a new area. He will be sad but he will learn and grow and get to see new places and meet new people!

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