Monday, December 2, 2013

First week of December in Sonderborg with Ældste Holbrook !

It is now really Christmas month in Denmark and it is REALLY the BEST month of the year over there! It is fun with all the things that are going on every day and I miss it so much. So I am glad that Ældste Holbrook have a chance to be there and enjoy it for our little family :o)

 Model for a car ad or what :o)

 I am think that Ældste Enniss did a better job than Ældste Holbrook  :o)

 Ældste Holbrook with their Christmas tree form the forest!

 Ældste Enniss got this from his family I think what a neat old book of church songs in Danish.

 This is the area Ældste Holbrook and Ældste Ennis have to cover, no wonder they are getting 2 more missionaries in a few weeks to help them.

 Andrea made this for them it is a count down to Christmas candle.

 Here are the count down calendar they each got from Mormor in Denmark. So nice and very much like Christmas in Denmark.

 First present from Ældste Holbrook's Advent calendar.

Here he is wearing the tie and tie clip he got today in the Advent calendar. Looking great!!

Oh.... how we miss this young man. He is one of the BEST of the BEST and he has such a HUGE part of our hearts. It is a lot more quiet in our home but we know that he is needed in Denmark and he is working hard over there!!

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