Monday, November 25, 2013

Christmas time in Denmark is WONDERFUL.

When we got this week's pictures from Ældste Holbrook I MUST say I am not just a little jealous of him being in Denmark, I am a LOT jealous of it. WOW.... there is NOTHING like Christmas in Denmark. It is so COZY and just one of the best times of year over there and it makes me MISS Ældste Holbrook and Denmark a LOT more :o(

Here are some of the pictures he sent to us this week.

Beautiful Danish street at Christmas time.

 Cute Christmas window.

 Going for aride in the snow ;o)

 You want a turn in this cute little thing ?

 You gotta love the Danish little doors, they are AWESOME!!

 Christmas streets in Tonner.

 Cute and cozy!!

 Love it!!

 AND I LOVE this one more ;o) Miss he like CRAZY!!

 Knocking on doors!!

 Leaving the missionary card!!
 AND then.... Taking off :o)

 I think Maria and Joseph looked a little different !!!

Danish Sunset is always very pretty!!

Ældste Enniss drew this, pretty awesome!!

 TOO much good Danish food and you are beat :o)

Cozy time at the apartment with Ældste Holbrook and Ældste Enniss.

They are really have a good time together. And they are teaching some great people. Ældste Holbrook is loving being on a mission and he is loving Sonderborg Branch.

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