Monday, December 23, 2013

Little Christmas Eve and other fun in Sonderborg!

it is still Christmas time in Denmark and WOW...... it is getting close to the real night Christmas Eve!! Here they went to a really cute store that had ALL this great Danish Christmas stuff! I wish I was there and there were some really cute stuff there.

Look at those cute candle. There is no way I could burn any of those candles :o)

 You gotta love the hat and the Ældste that is wearing it. Ældste Holbrook is one in a million and some!!

 Danish mailbox. So cute and so different from the US ones. I do LOVE the red color.

They went to tthe graveyards to clean up the branch-list.  It is a really old branch and a lot of the people are gone but they did not find much today. Very neat graves for sure.

 AND there are 4 Ældster in Sonderborg now. It looks like they are fitting in great together!

It is raining a lot in Denmark. But they still have lots of fun and good times together!

We sure miss Ældste Holbrook but he is where he needs and wants to be. He is serving the Lord and that is all that really matters right now in his life!! WE love you Son!!!

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