Monday, November 4, 2013

Last few days with Ældste Swan in Sønderborg :o(

This is the last P-day with Ældste Swan in Sønderborg. Ældste Swan is going to move to Virum and Ældste Holbrook is staying in Sønderborg and getting a NEW missionary from the States and the MTC.

 HUGE pizza that they all 4 shared!

 The storm is coming in ...... It got up to 125 miles per hour.

 Chess and HYGGE in Denmark with a great companionship.
 AND YES this is Ældste Holbrook at his BEST!!!

 BIG Guns are out. He is just funny!!

 YES.... He is still VERY Handsome and how we love him :o)

 A sweet little deer in the forest!

 Ældste Swan, He has been a great Comp to Ældste Holbrook.

Bathroom sign in the middle of the forest, funny ;o)

How we love this young man and he is such a dear. He will be a great trainer and I just know that he can do it with power. 

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