Monday, October 28, 2013

Busy week for our Ældste Holbrook in Sønderborg :o)

Ældste Holbrook had a lot of things going this week. He went on splits with some other Elders, he had a district meeting and lots of more fun things. He is never having a dull week in Denmark :o)

 Planning meeting of the week. LOOK at those pastries, I WANT some Pretty PLEASE!!

 Pretty and so Danish.

 Ældste Holbrook ate 4 plates of Asian food and 2 bowls of ice cream for dinner.  After a pretty BIG lunch. Needless to say he did not keep it down for very long and poor guy that stepped in it after!!
 Beautiful rainbow at a Danish train station.

 Christmas comes early to Denmark. At least a day earlier than here in Utah :o)

 VERY cold and maybe a little tired. Waiting for trains is NEVER fun and especially in the cold and rainy Denmark.

 I have still got it. He likes the tie clip. It says the Book of Mormon on it :o)

He is a great young man and we miss him so much. So happy that he is serving the Lord in Denmark and that we can call him ours. Keep up the great work and know we long for your safe return.

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