Monday, July 13, 2015

Visits from Loved ones what a great week in Silkeborg for Ældste Holbrook.

Yes it is true Ældste Holbrook had some great visitors this week and what a week it was. Hed had Mormor and Morfar come all the way to Silkeborg to see him what a treat that was.

 Look at Mother duck.... she is so cute!

 This is what she is laying on ;o)

  Ældste Holbrook got really close but not too close to see her ;o)

And of course Ældste Holbrook had to show Morfar the Mother duck too since hMorfar loves nature so much too.

  Ældste Holbrook and Mormor.... We LOVE you both so MUCH!!

 Three good-looking gentlemen ;o)
 Maybe Morfar needs one size bigger in that jacket ;o)

 Great picture .. Love it!

 How we love these great people. AWESOME pictures and thanks for sharing!

Ældste Holbrook and Morfar.

Ældste Holbrook... he is so handsome!
 I got this "snap-chat" from Mormor of Ældste Holbrook and I just needed that Mommy kiss that morning. So looking forward to seeing this handsome face in a few weeks ;o).
 Not too bad a place to live ... looking great and Ældste Holbrook is having a blast living there!

Ældste Holbrook's missionary bike is gone. It has fought a good fight and has lasted for the two years. Many great and hard times has been driven on it :o).

 Companionship ties... LIKE it !!!

 Eilif came and saw Ældste Holbrook one more time. He is a wonderful friend :o)

 One word BEAUTIFUL !!

And another awesome picture! Denmark has so many great places to see.

What a great week for Ældste Holbrook. He had Mormor and Morfar come and spoil him and take home some of the things he can not fit in his suitcases in a few weeks. He also had Eilif come for a short visit what an awesome friend he is. SO glad that he could serve in Denmark among such great people.

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