Monday, July 20, 2015

Another day in the Dansih mission with Ældste Holbrook.

It is coming close to an end for Ældste Holbrook and the mission in Denmark. He only has a few weeks left and then he is home with us again ;o). He still would love to stay and serve the Lord but we are getting so ready to have him home.

 This is so beautiful and it makes me want to go back and visit!

Danish Humor pretty funny :o)

 Great looking group of people!

 This is just like home. So peaceful and very pretty!

 Three GREAT missionaries!

 Nice looking dinner I wonder if Ældste Holbrook cooked it ;o)

Ældste Holbrook and a great friend. He has gotten to know so many wonderful people.

Like I said a few more posts and Ældste Holbrook will be home in Utah again. What a GREAT adventure it has been for him to serve the Lord and to do it in Denmark has been a HUGE blessing. So grateful for all he has learned and for all he has become!! For the people that has met and for what they have taught him. But we are counting the days till he will be home!! EIGHT more days :o)

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