Monday, February 16, 2015

We know when he is coming HOME ;o)

Can you believe it ........ He got his 6 months "death" letter and we now know when Ældste Holbrook is coming home. AND it is .......... July 28th, 2015 ;o) YES....... AND I am counting the days and have been since day ONE! Do not get me wrong I am grateful and HAPPY that he is serving a mission and Denmark is the VERY BEST place for him, BUT I have missed him every day!!! He is of course NOT feeling this way and is enjoying his time in Denmark.

Ældste Holbrook and Ældste Meacham got their letter on the same day and they are also going home the same day :o) 

 Where is Waldo or is it where is Ældste Holbrook ?

 Looking tough!!!

 What the ......... :o) Crazy "young men " !!!!


 Lunch date at the favorite Chinese Restaurant with Mormor!

AND of course with Ældste Meacham and Morfar!!

 This is a van that looks like one of my FAVORITE chocolates in Denmark. Fun that Ældste Holbrook saw it ;o)

 Ældste Meacham on the top of the world ;o)

 Pizza party at the Ballerup home. Great times!!

Happy Valentines Day or is it Happy Single day ;o). This is what we sent to Ældste Holbrook to let him know he is loved and missed!!

Another great week for Ældste Holbrook. He is enjoy the mission and he is learning so much it is almost scary ;o)

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