Monday, February 23, 2015

Double baptism and the Danish party called Fastelavn :o)

It has been another awesome week for Ældste Holbrook. He is still loving to be in the Ballerup area and is of course loving his weekly lunch dates with Mormor and Morfar.

 Look at these two Elders, THEY are amazing!!

 Ældste Holbrook and Mormor. I LOVE them both ;o)

Ældste Meacham and Ældste Holbrook, They are learning and growing together!

 Pancake mix when on sale and the elders bought 21 of them ;o) Cheap food is hard to get in Denmark and especially American kind of food!
 A real Danish meal and these Elders made it. Way to go " boys"!!

The special day is here!! The Elders are singing at the baptism!

What a day this was. Ældste Holbrook contracted this young woman on the street in Ballerup and today her Husband and her were baptized 2 months later. The joy was big today and they all look wonderful!

 Ballerup District ready for the Fastelavn party at the ward. They look great!

 NICE ;o)

Another nice looking one!!!

 Long, cold ride home from the party. Ældste Holbrook needs to get inside and get warm!!

What a week it has been for Ældste Holbrook. He had a good time with the other missionaries and they saw their hard work blossom with the two baptism this week. It is good for him to be serving in Denmark! 

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