Monday, November 17, 2014

LAST week in Randers :o(

All good "things" come to an end and now has that time come for Ældste Holbrook and his time in Randers. He will be moving today to Ballerup near Copenhagen and another adventure will start. So here are the last week of pictures from Randers and his time there!

 Out knocking on doors..... AND Ældste Holbrook found this, pretty funny :o)

 Having so good times with Ældste Snider!!!

 That is one BIG fossil.

What a great looking group of missionaries.

 Ældste Amos and Ældste Holbrook having a great time together I am thinking doing the dishes :o)

Some great friends in Randers. There have been many good ones there so here are a few pictures of some of them>

Ældste Holbrook loved visiting this great family!

 You gotta LOVE this one ;o)

Ældste Howland, Lone and Ældste Holbrook. Great picture.

 Another awesome friend!

 Ældste Howland and Ældste Holbrook are saying LOOK at the tie it is AWESOME!

What a sweet little family!

It has been a wonderful time for Ældste Holbrook in Randers. He has made MANY great friends there and he has learned so much too. What an AWESOME place to have served and I am so grateful for ALL that have supported and care for him while in this area. THANKS from the bottom of my heart!

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