Monday, November 24, 2014

First week in Ballerup!

So Ældste Holbrook is now on the other side of Denmark again. He is in a city called Ballerup not too far from Copenhagen and only 30 minutes from Mormor and Morfar ;o). What a treat that is and fun for him to be closer again even though he is NOT in their area.

 Mormor and Morfar dropped off Christmas treats from me and them. They left it by the door and we hope it was still there when they got home :o).

Morfar is having fun what a great guy he is ;o)!!

Mailbox, soon Ældste Holbrook's name will be on there!!

 Morfar is finding some familiar face at Netto i Ballerup!

 How I LOVE this young MAN.

Two great missionaries and you gotta love that top hat ;o)

 Three great looking missionaries. Wow... what a fun day in Netto!!

AND here is MY FAVORITE missionary. He is a SWEETIE!!

So Ældste Holbrook had a great first week in Ballerup. He has been knocking on doors and contacting on the trains and the buses. He is learning and growing and loving serving the Lord. I am so grateful for ALL that he is becoming and doing in Denmark. It is a HUGE blessing that he is there in my home country!!

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