Monday, September 8, 2014

MIssion Confernece meeting "old" friends!

Ældste Holbrook had another busy week and this week he got to see a LOT of his old companions because ALL the missionaries in Denmark got together for a conference. That was a great treat for Ældste Holbrook and he so enjoyed seeing so many of them.

 ALL the missionaries in the Denmark Copenhagen Mission.

 Ældste Peterson and Ældste Holbrook, what a fun pair of Missionaries. They will be friends FOREVER!

Ældste Holbrook and Ældste Curtis. They have known each other since they were born and now they are serving int he same mission. AWESOME friends and great missionaries!!

 Having dinner with a wonderful remember from Randers. So grateful for the people that are taking care of Ældste Holbrook in Denmark.

 Such a SWEET picture. LOVE it ;o) !!

Ældste Sinder was tired on the way home on the train. It is LONG days working as a missionary ;o)

Again a great week for Ældste Holbrook. He got to see some great friends and enjoyed being with the other missionaries.

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