Monday, September 1, 2014

First week with Ældste Snider ;o)

Ældste Holbrook has changed companions again and this time he is together with Ældste Snider. The BEST part is that he already knows  Ældste Snider from the time he was in Allerød Ward and the Helsingør area. They were there together for 3 months I think. So they already know each other a little and have share so good time together! This is going to be a great companionship!!!

 Eat on Ældster-Elders !! These Kebabs are NOT that big. Ældste Holbrook handled his with style !!! But he is also a great eater :o)

  Ældste Snider is done. He did not get it all down!!

 This Elder is saying, NO more for me!!! I am done too ;o)

  Ældste Holbrook on the Rock ;o) When you build on the Rock, you will always be safe and happy ;o)

Ældste Snider and  Ældste Holbrook. Good looking missionaries. They will have a good time together!!

So new times again for Ældste Holbrook. He does not get much rest but that is okay too. He is learning and growing and that is really why he is there. After reading this I know it is worth having him gone :o)

Here is part of his email from this week:

I have thought a lot about how temporary this life is. Everything seems so small in the big picture of things. Truly the Lord knows who we are, He knows where our heart is. I have found if we want to know where we stand with the Lord, we look to where our heart is. Who we are comes from within our own selves. It comes from our heart.  I have thought about that a lot actually. You can read of it in the seventh chapter of Moses. It is a great story. I pray that I will have a chance to understand it more with my heart, however I do understand it with my mind. It is a great story of God's love for us. How much He truly cares for us. I do not think about time, I think about the now. I want to be able to serve with my whole heart, so all of my love goes to Him. I have found that as I serve with unwavering hope and faith in Christ, He blesses me. Even though we do not see the blessings in direct numbers we see it in others coming to Christ. My resolve does not need to waver with the ins and outs of the work. My resolve should stand firm, unwavering, and steadfast as I move forward as a disciple of Christ. I have worked on that, and as I have done that I have seen my desire grow stronger! Truly the hardest battle we fight is the battle between faith and fear. I continue to act in faith in spite of fear. In fact, if I feel fear to contact or to talk, I make it a point to talk to that person, to throw the natural man off my shoulders. My heart burns with love for the Lord. How little truly is our day to day problems and worries.  The more I have thought about it, the more the words ring true in my mind. "It mattereth not where we serve, it only mattereth how." I know that to be true. The Lord will provide as we continue to hold fast, with a sound resolve and an ever deepening desire to serve Him. I love the Lord. How grateful I am for this experience of a mission. It is literally changing my eternity.

With much Love,

Ældste Holbrook

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