Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day, the BEST gift EVER!!

Yes it was Mother's Day today and I am blessed to be the Mother of three wonderful, fun and very creative "kids", if you can still call them that ;o)

I love my girls and spending time with them today playing cards and just enjoying each others company was great. They are both so dear to me and brings me so much joy.

The BIGGEST event for our little family was the chance we had to talk to Ældste Holbrook on Face-time. We only get to talk and see him twice a year. On Christmas and on Mother's Day so it is VERY special. We ALL look so forward to it of course and it was as always AWESOME!!

 Two GREAT men. What a joy to see them together :o)

 Ældste Holbrook is so HANDSOME and had a wonderful spirit!!

 This is what Ældste Holbrook saw. THE family :o)

What a blessing it was to see our son on FaceTime from my parents home in Denmark. It is a blessing and a joy to share this special time with both of them and him. We are so blessed to have the technology to do this. So grateful that he is serving in Denmark and growing and becoming an even more wonderful young man . THANK YOU for being ours :o)

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