Monday, May 26, 2014

Another great week for Ældste Holbrook in the Helsingør area.

As I have said many, many times Ældste Holbrook is loving the mission and he is so enjoying the area he is in right now. He has many great people to teach and he gets to see the family too. What more can you ask for right?

He went on splits this week with Ældste Lindstrom and he had a great time.

 Having fun at Mormor and Morfar.

 There is nothing as a good day in the yard.

 Frederiksborg Castle and Ældste Sullivan. 

What a BEAUTY ;o)

 The Gardens of the Queen.

A map to tell you what to see in the Garden ;o)

 I just LOVE this Castle. It is so beautiful!!


Having fun !!!

More of the Gardens. Just so pretty.

 The Guest house ;o)

The Danish national bird is the swan. This is a great photo!

 This is Denmark in the early Summer. SO GREEN and PRETTY!

 Not sure what is going on here ;o)

Here they bought very expensive homemade chocolate and I am not sure it was worth it. But Denmark is known for it's great treats.

Another great week for Ældste Holbrook in beautiful Denmark. Looking forward to next summer when we get to go visit and see ALL these places with him :o).

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