Monday, May 18, 2015

Visit from "old" friend, Zone Conference and just great times.

This week Ældste Holbrook has another visit from an "old" friend he got to know in his first area on the mission in Sønderborg. He loved Brother Allen from their first meeting and he has from time to time kept in contact with him. They also had zone conference and that is always fun to see the other missionaries and interact with them. So a good time there too.

Ældste Brindley, Brother Allen and Ældste Holbrook. Three good-looking men ;o). 

 Training with the Sisters in the district.

 The crazy picture of the zone ;o)

Another picture of Ældste Holbrook in the mustard field of Denmark. I miss them both they are beautiful and awesome ;o)

It was a busy week fro Ældste Holbrook but also a really good one! He is still loving Odense and I am thinking they are loving him too ;o). We miss him very much but also know how good it is for him to be in Denmark and learn all the thing he would not be able to learn anywhere else than on the mission .

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