Monday, March 16, 2015

Great people, seeing Copenhagen and going to the temple... A Wonderful week for Ældste Holbrook.

Yes..... I know I say it almost every week but it has been another great week for Ældste Holbrook. He has many awesome times with the people serve and love and this week was no difference.

GREAT friends !!!

AND more great friends ;o)

 Ældste Hafen is a funny guy and great friend of Ældste Holbrook.

Three great missionaries.

 Ældste Nelson in one of the beautiful Danish churches.

 Ældste Hafen yet again!!

 Four wonderful friends seeing Copenhagen together!

More friends... THEY are all over ;o).

 Copenhagen seen from above.

 Ældste Holbrook, Ældste Hafen and Ældste Nelson.
Ældste Holbrook loves these 2 great people. They have been very kind to him!!

 Ældste Holbrook, Ældste Hafen and Morfar. Mormor was taking the picture. Great time having lunch toget yet again ;o)

 Ældste Holbrook and Ældste Hafen.

What a great picture of 2 wonderful friends!

Going to the temple is so rewarding and going with people you serve with and care about are even better.

Ældste Holbrook has yet again had a great week and seen a lot. He is so grateful to serve the Danish people and to see family is just a cherry on the top ;o). This post was a lot about friends and what better way to serve then to do it with friends !!

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