Monday, January 6, 2014

First New Years Eve away from home.

So we have a HUGE family tradition every year at New Year Eve. Most of our family gets together and we have a very NICE steak dinner, special drink (Grandpa Holbrook's recipe), homemade chips and dips and lots of other great foods. We play games visit and just enjoy each others company. So this was a hard day to be away from home for Ældste Holbrook, BUT he handled it with style :o)

 Yoga fun with some sweet kids :o)

 They are getting into the spirit of the new year with healthier habits like exercising :o)

AND then you see this. WOW... this looks FANTASTIC and I would LOVE to be there and have some :o)

 AND look at this too. How I miss Denmark and the great treats over there. Bring me HOME ;o)

 Sweet Danish friend and Ældste Hafen.

Ældste Holbrook is REALLY getting into the spirit of the NEW YEAR!! I LOVE it :o)

 Ældste Holbrook have always LOVE kids and it is no different for him in Denmark.

Fireworks are HUGE on New Years Even in Denmark. Ældste Holbrook had a lot of fun watching it!

2014 and four GREAT Ældster !!!

 Ældste Wrible and Ældste Hafen in the apartment they all 4 share.

 Ældste Hafen on splits with Ældste Holbrook!!

 Beautiful Denmark has so MANY bridges and here is one of them!! I love the way this looks.

Ældste Holbrook, we love and MISS you and we are so grateful for all you give to us. Thanks for serving the Lord in my home country!!

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