Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Zone conference in Odense

This is what Ældste Holbrook had to say about the zone conference in his last email:

This week we had Zone Conference. It was seven hours of listening to the mission president speak to us. I loved it! The theme of the entire conference was "Nothing is to hard for the Lord" he continued to ask do we believe that? Do you believe that? If so what are you going to do about that? Read Alma 26:5. Are you going to swing in your sickle with all your might because you know that nothing is too hard for the lord? One thing that I constantly pray for is to become like a valve to the Lord for his spirit to pour THROUGH ME (My emphasis added). Not that I can become a better missionary, not that I can know more about the gospel, not that I can change others. I do not want to have any part of myself get in the way of the conversion process. I constantly seek to be better in the Lord and to speak with power. 

 South Jylland Zone and training conference.

          Ældste Holbrook, he can do it :o)

Training together. hopefully they are speaking Danish.
Ældste Child, Ældste Hinrichs, Ældste Simpson and  Ældste Holbrook


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